Saturday, December 31, 2016

So Long 2016, Hello 2017

This year has been a year to remember. Or a year to forget. I haven't decided which yet.

I feel like we have been on a celebrity death watch since Sunday. George Michael dying, unexpectedly. Then Carrie Fisher on Tuesday. Her mom, Debbie Reynolds, the next day. It's been a hard last week of the year.

I don't make resolutions, so you won't see a list of any here. But I do hope to get on here more frequently in the upcoming year. I also hope to get back into cross-stitch and actually finish some of my old WIPs (that can almost be called UFOs at this point, lol).

So, what I will leave 2016 with is this:

Thank you for being the year you were
Please don't repeat yourself in 2017

Happy New Year!!

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